The Choice is Yours.

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Swinging on by!

Hello again, it’s me, Gee_ology. To everyone’s surprise I am still alive, hahaha.

Now, apart from the jokes, let me properly introduce and welcome you the reader. It may come as a surprise still that I have written after about 10 days of nothing. Let me just state that I’ve been busy transitioning to a new job.

Yes, yes, drum roll, applause!

I’m no longer a manager and to make things even more interesting, I’m no longer in retail! You could see why I’ve been in and out, well not really.

My schedule has been weird, Monday-Friday is my regular schedule for now while I’m in training, your usual morning shift of course but with a twist of 8 to 4:30. I have been having to wake up at 6:30 every morning which has me fighting my alarm and exhaustion.

For those who may not know, I’m a night owl. Paint me like an owl and that is me. I prefer the night. I prefer working while everyone is sleeping. This is just me of course but I’ve been trying to adjust gradually. All this being said, I’ve seen how amazing it is seeing how so much can change by a choice or simple risk.

Let’s be honest now, I never thought I would be doing what I do now, working as a Fraud agent. I swore I could have been stuck in retail and never get out. Yet, look at me now. This is the thing, don’t be afraid of change.

There is an opportunity awaiting everyone and we just have to be brave enough to pursue it. Same as when you meet someone. Love either helps make you or it breaks you. You decide if you want to invest and be a part with someone elses story in life.

2018 has been truly life changing for me. I’ve had my ups and downs but besides all of that, I’ve also been at ease with a lot of things. I can see where I would like my life to truly be led or where I see myself walking to.

Before I used to want everything planned out but the reality is is that we don’t or can’t control everything. Any choice we make can change the very way we will perceive something and will shape us. We can even say, “Prepare the famous quotes”, but the truth is, choices are what define and shape us.

I can just as easily have denied or not even approach a scenario presented and my life would be different. I could have just placed my girlfriend as a friend and then missed the chance to see such an amazing, beautiful woman.

I don’t regret the choices I’ve made and though I wish someone could have been better, I know that every choice brought me here. I may have said all of this in the past but it is a good reminder. I also write this to encourage people to realize that it is your choice to live the life you live. You’re not obligated to work that 9-5.

Now i could also state that we must br mindful and logical, take the necessary steps to see every choice and from it, let it help you come closer to who you truly are and who you can/will be. Be blessed all.


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