O Thy Self

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Why are we our own worst enemies?

I like to think from time to time that I have complete control over my life. One moment (once I wake up and grab my coffee that is) I like to believe that today will be the day I envisioned yesterday. Nevertheless life swings at you like a wrecking ball and crashes what you built up to be some hopes and dreams. The truth is we build ourselves up and make ourselves crash as well.

What exactly am I talking about? Hmm, it may come as a suprise to some (though I’m being sarcastic) that we have control of life.

I know, I know. Just 5 days ago I wrote about choices and that we choose our lives but of course limits are placed but not by what you may believe.

We have heard the stories before or thr sayings, “we are our worst own enemies”, it is 100% true.

We hear that voice on our shoulder or even picture the dialogue between a little devil or angel in our image. One tells you to do this, the other, that. (Insert dialogue here). Yet what we forget at times is that this “voice” we hear, good or bad, is for better or worse, necessary.

The reality is just what I stated, we do have choices. We also know that every choice has a consequence. We can hear our warning signs go off or have the confidence to push forward. The truth is, you can do it. Everything takes practice and you will battle yourself or at times listen to that gut feeling. You know what you need, not a philosopher or even myself. I am only sharing the truth we all struggle to understand.

Living a life knowing we are our worst enemies isn’t necessarily bad. We are also our own best friend. Take time to fully know what you are capable of. Go out. Meet people and etc. Learn who you are. This is something I truly learned and advise to others.

Before you commit to life, relationships, etc, commit to yourself and don’t beat yourself to the point of defeat or self loathing. You are strong and weak. There is a balance that is needed and you need to understand that you will never be all good. If you believe in God, you know that’s impossible, as I do.

Keep fighting and knowing that though life may seem out of control, you can make it out. You won’t be alone, there are others who are fighting as well. For someone who deals with OCD, just know, the fight never ends but that does not mean we surrender.

Keep going and be blessed.

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