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The Holidays.

It isn’t strange to say that we take these moments to create memories that will last forever. There are times when we experience events as well which bring deep sorrows as well. Though we have these days or are spend it close with loved ones, even now.

I have seen that through these days life can feel overwhelming. I have had my ups and downs but through them all the holidays never really brought joy.

I would sit hours looking at the screens on my computer and wondering where my life would be at if different choices were made. Yet where was I going just thinking about such things as my choices? Life seemed like a maze of just awaiting “moments” days we can take off and just rest.

I see the new year coming up and another year passes as I look just to see that I feel like I am awaiting more moments.

We expect the good and always forget the bad until it happens. We look at the bad and forget the good that has happened or will happen. In my case, I see my desire to continue writing and at times beating myself up. Making a resolution to continue writing and let my passion for it burn through any other dream I have.

I feel like we long for moments in our lives. We await the days where we can rest and in turn just come to those times where we can create more moments. Yet life is not made for just waiting or taking holidays.

I’ve learned that life will always be rocky. There will be days where I want to just give up. Days where I wish I was rich. Days where i wish my work was recognized. Yet here I am, still writing years later and remembwring that this is something I enjoy. Life is more than what I can get or a moment made by one day. Life is made of multiple moments made everyday, no one day is special but then again I say that based upon my own opinions.

My life is a holiday and a moment in time I hope many would see and enjoy.


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