Look at the Time


We stretch beyond our years or even none at all.

Time has a funny way of inflicted us with its own understanding of life. It may seem as though seconds pass as slow as it can go. While we wait to fidget our fingers awaiting the opportune time to carry on towards our desired outcome. We long for things to arrive when we want it instead of when we need it. The reality is that we don’t know when we’ll need it.

Time is never guaranteed. You will never gain back the seconds you spend. We are told to use our time wisely. How we spend and who reveals our priorities and ultimately what we love.

I was reading the 5 love languages and quality time was considered to be one of the 5. It isn’t a surprise to me, it is a language I believe that everyone is fluent in. We scour the world looking for someone to spend time with.

Now, why do I write about time being such a grand thing? Isn’t time a concept invented by man to keep things in order and controlled?

I like to think of time as a lesson bearer. One that shows us patience and guides us to the life we can have if we learn to value it. Just as wisdom, love, and etc are essential, time as well, allows us to truly live our lives appreciating not only the complexities but the treasure/gift of life.

What I can leave you all with is to take the “time” learn to see its worth and learn from it. You never know what time you truly have.


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