Loving love

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Times are certainly changing. Looking back at these last few days, I’ve seen such an array of emotions and thoughts swirling in this head of mine. I’ve come to truly ask myself the fundamental questions of what makes life.

Now, some can be “smart” with me and just say that life is made by 2 people. Bare with me on this statement in regards to life.

I touched on the subject of time before, it is easy to see and measure it but in reality, lose it as a whole. We focus too much on the quantity and not the quality, so in turn, we waste it away.

Now, in addition to time, I have found that something that life truly helps bring to the table is love. Love. The word sends butterflies to our stomachs. We begin to think of our significant other, our crushes, memories, and etc. Truly, love is both misunderstood and easy to comprehend.

Love is patient and kind…

We have all read the passage or touched these words as quotes recited to someone. It took me quite some time to learn the difference between infatuation and love. What I’m speaking about is not making love nor falling “in love” but true love.

Is there such a thing as true love? Yes, there is.

I can attest or bring to light the retelling of God, showing he is love or even the sacrifices made. In this case, to better direct my audience as I’ve had before, I will speak about in regards to life as we understand it now.

Love is essential, in fact, love is one of the prime reasons for life. We can look at the stories of how the protagonist would say that without love, life is meaningless. Love has been embedded within us and not just in the sense of romantic love but also intimate relationships with others.

Love is not a bunch of words or feelings, ultimately it is a choice. It is going against all odds and to be willing to endure with another. We all are different in our own unique ways. Even with what we see in the news, love helps unite people towards a common cause. Where there is hate, love is needed.

I’ve spent much of my youth hating certain things, even hating myself. I would hate certain people based on situations but ultimately it wasn’t until I learned what love truly was that I learned to not only love myself but others as well. Love is indeed patient, it is not jealous, it does not boast, it truly is unconditional.

When it comes to relationships, be it romantically, love manifests away from the honeymoon stages or the “in love” phase. Truly love reveals itself when you wake up and see the person beside you on that date as a human. We are not perfect yet we can see that amidst the imperfections that person can be perfect for us, in a manner of speaking.

Friends and family come together and reveal true support but it not only reveals care, love, respect, but it holds true when it is truly from the heart.

We begin to love ourselves when we let go, express our emotions and speak our minds. We become confident in who we are. Men see their masculinity and worth, as women see that they as well are important. Each of us responsible for what we call happiness and it is never derived from another human being though feelings may arise from them.

Love is truly a gift. We will never fully understand it but even so, it is an amazing experience. Love and love freely. For without love, life seems to have no meaning but in knowing this, understand that you are all always loved. Be blessed


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