The Climb

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Today is the day. We are so quick to speak about the importance of time and that we are all each waiting patiently for. That precise moment where we come to terms to what we want. We each start to do the necessary things to get to where we want to be. Imagine the years that led up to the moments that we are now in.

I could equate with others in various instances where I was motivated to do the things I really saw myself doing in the future. I wanted to see my dreams made into a reality and for my goals to be met. I remember taking the intitial steps to become a writer and the few years I have undertaken to grow as one have been quite promising. The years that stretched before me that have taught me to also encourage others in similar pursuits, no matter what they may be.

We take on so many challenges in our lives. We forget that though time may run its course and that we slowly take the initiative to complete what we set out to do, we should be enjoying the journey. We will never jump and reach that level where we wish to reach right away. Enjoy the journey and truly grow with each step that you take.

I can truly say that life we are continuously being pushed to move forward. Though there can be times where we feel as if we are stuck, that isn’t the case. We must come to understand that we are never truly meant to rush our journey in life. Each of us is currently running their course in their own speed. Why spend so much energy pushing to the point of exhaustion only to see it all end so quickly in the end? It shouldn’t be life this, ever. We also shouldn’t let ourselves be controlled by such conformity that we lose sight of living that life that we have long foreseen.

This post, for the most part, is a calling to all the dreamers and also to myself to keep going. Years can stretch on by but it does not mean that even I will surrender to the idea or nature of what society has plagued the populace. The reality is that even though economy or the standing of the world is not at its best, I refuse to be caught by the trap to live a life I am not proud of. I know that I wish to truly impact the world with my words and stories. And so, I say to all, keep going and being to climb the mountain. Even if we do make it to the top, it is when we truly descend and share our experience in the end that we realize that it was indeed truly worth it in the end.


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