Taking A Leap

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We are quick to consider many aspects of our life when it comes to making decisions. We spend countless hours thinking about what we will do and when we will do it. Many times in our life we do not look at the most important aspect, taking a leap of faith.

Faith is one the biggest factors in my life that has helped me move forward in life. When I was homeless, I would spend time and time again looking up at the sky, the moon, and wondering when I was going to be sleeping in a place I could call home. I would spend hours asking God when that time would be but I was still not aware of the fact that I was having faith in a better future. I continued to have faith in many instances in my life and it helped me grow as a person. Most people associate faith to religion but the reality is that it isn’t the case for the most part. Hope and faith is something humans have and hold to in their life, regardless of belief.

Now, being a Christian, I, of course, associate my own faith in trusting in God and also knowing that not every situation will remain the same. Times change and everything eventually gets better. We hold to the idea at times that we will be “stuck”, in that job you hate, in the event that has brought sadness to your life, but this is far from the truth. Other times we forget that we also have to take a leap of faith.

We need to move and keep moving, inaction breeds laziness and in turn, causes us to become tolerant to the same stagnant thoughts that lead us to feel like we are stuck. Thoughts that constantly pound our minds with recurring images or ideas, listening to the inner voices that say we will never make it. Instead, we need to just jump at times. Now, this does not mean that we are going into things blindly, we just need to really look at where we would like to be instead of where we are now. But as well, we look at where we are now to help us better decide when we will jump. It may seem like a paradox but in fact, it becomes quite clear in moments where we truly wish to see a better tomorrow.

The reality is that we do not know where time will flourish in ways that may seem beneficial to our lives. Life is said to be a test of survival but then stating that causes us to look into seeing those who can’t make it as weak but we are all strong in our own ways. So I write this as a way to help others see that it is fine seeing by faith and taking a leap of faith. Fight for what you want and where you want to be but be mindful as well that there are others that may be doing the same. Life is too short but it is indeed a blessing. Now JUMP!


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