Cold Season

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The cold night echoed and caught my embrace which was met with a shiver. The air before we seemed to become masked by the air released from my being. Silence never felt so welcoming, though the rustling of the trees brushed through each other. A serenade of the darkness which was dimly seen by the moon trying to pierce the skies cover. The clouds that hung over the city stretched for what appeared to be miles. Though this was indeed the type of weather that would cause many to escape or succumb to the warmth of a fire, it was more than welcoming to me.

I kept my hands in my jacket. I knew the dangers of letting the cold entice me to sleep in its numbing embrace. I kept my pace as I continued walking out of the park. I had to cut through tonight and found myself enjoying the blanket of snow and the ballroom before me. The snowflakes that drifted down from the sky and twirled in the air around each other and meeting one another on the surface, becoming as one. The thought of snow was almost so hard to believe. Years have passed since I pressed my feet on its surface. It almost seemed like a dream.

The shadows that were cast from the luminous glow found to be masked by the blanket of white managed to cover me from time to time. Not a soul in sight. Some people would consider it to be unnatural, to want to be so isolated. One could even say that this temperature reflected my heart. The thing is, I never truly found comfort amongst what people call, my brethren, my human family.

I could never explain what it is about me that keeps me secluded for the most part. I rarely show emotion and even when I do, it seems to dissipate after awhile. Just as cold as this night is, it would seem like my heart is matched as a comforting feeling is filled. But this is not the case. I truly do have a burning fire that keeps me in many ways connected. Though I can perceive to be weird and unique in many facets, I endure the cold, I endure any weather that is thrown in my way. I can feel it. The cold air that snaps at my breath and causes me to cover up and keep warm though I enjoy feeling its tingling touch meet my skin, it surrounds my being. The weather makes me realize that I can find warmth, that there will always be a fire burning within me that will never become extinguished.

I cannot fully describe the feelings that surfaced upon writing this but I do understand that I am not at odds with the world. I am no different than any other man, though I hold to my own uniqueness. I am as you are, reader, human. The complexities we all face and the weather that plagues us as we look out in hopes for a bright sunny day. We also need the moments of cold, the days where we reside inside and think, rest, endure and become strong. Life is such a marvelous journey, no matter the time, the place. It can be tough and many times it may not be what we would like it to be. But it is the simple things we miss that show us how grand it truly is, the sweet moments where we see the beauty in the hardships. The cold brings us closer, the silence gives us peace and time to reflect, it can range in many different ways. All I can say is that we continue on. The season’s change and so do we but it does not mean it shall last forever.


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