Artistic Future

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I’m an artist.

Call the press and inform them of a future where we will see the next great. All jokes aside, I am indeed an artist. I pride myself in saying I am an artist and one that constantly is learning and growing in the craft.

I’ve been drawing, painting, and writing ever since I could hold a pen or pencil in hand. I only really got serious in writing just about 3 years ago. But overall, I have found a creative side that is harnessed when I let my imagination roam free.

I have found that I could use any medium to create art, traditional or even digital. Though I did get trained for digital design through a technical school, I have still kept up to date with it all. I try to freelance some of my designs online or networking with others.

Now, I will give my opinion in some of the ups and downs of being a writer and what programs to use for those who are struggling to find a medium.


When it comes to drawing, painting, and etc, my top pick will have to be digital. I used to always go traditional but ever since I finished school, digital all the way. I only got into abstract art about a year ago. I also really only engaged in graffiti and anime style in the past.

My top picks for programs would be Corel painter, photoshop, and illustrator for desktops, in that order. If you can’t afford any of these I would recommend going for the bundle of $10 a month that includes Lightroom and Photoshop on adobe. If you are a student, then go for the bundle of creative cloud. Granted people could say you could torrent it but trust me, the creative cloud is worth it at 24.99 for students per month and also helps supports the product. In the end, if you start making money selling your art, it will easily return what you spend. For mobile, I love using an app called an infinite painter for 14.99. Below are some of my art using infinite painter:

If you can’t get these programs still, Corel painter for the phone, Art joy, even infinite painter, but they are limited but still work. Also, I would suggest getting a Samsung tablet, trust me. Painter is also a good free app.


When it comes to writing I recommend a few apps as well. These apps are jotter pad on the phone, Libre Office, open office, and if you want to support Microsoft, the Microsoft office suite. I personally use open office on my windows OS and Libre office on my Ubuntu OS. For those who don’t know, Microsoft programs are free on mobile devices, which also helps a lot.

I am always finding time to write so I highly suggest getting a tablet with a keyboard, this can be a Bluetooth. I personally love the Lenovo tablets but as I suggested for painting or drawing, Samsung will do the trick. Mobile and on the move, get a good laptop, and etc. You could also write in a notebook but usually, I only recommend an actual book for a journal or quick brainstorming notes.

Last thoughts

Finally, what I highly recommend is a good phone. You can easily get a decent phone for cheap. Granted galaxy note seems to meet my needs, though I have been faithful to the LG stylo series for some time. I prefer the octa-core processor, I currently have the stylo 4. You can practically have your own studio in the palm of your hands.

No matter what your goals are as an artist, you find an outlet and a means to bring your work to life. Even if we say we are artists and struggle to put ideas on paper, there are many ways to get out of our vibes and let our ideas come to life. Join an art community, join events, contests, and etc. Inspire one another and keep showing the world who you are meant to be.


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