Inner Peace

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There comes a moment in your life where you just can’t take it anymore. Life has finally pulled its last punch on you and you have either given up of said, enough is enough.

I’ve watched patiently as life continues and my life has been rolled into a vast array of possibilities. I’ve worked in jobs I’ve despised, embraced situations knowing i would have it, even allowed certain instances to flourish. I’ve seen multiple ways in which life kept trying to a few me over and I have decided to now go on the offensive.

The world is a rough place. I feel like it is degraded in some sense while still advancing in others. People seem to either be involved in their own affairs or try to let the world know that they should be viewed as the world.

I’ve grown to develop a love and hate relationship with people. Years of customer service has drastically taken a toll on me. People really don’t know the stress a manager faces and etc. Though I’m not in a leadership role anymore, being one for so long, now being in a position where I take orders and get interactions more with people, I feel distant.

I’m having hard trouble adapting to how I used to be. My tolerance level isn’t the same and I find that empathy is slowly fading. Though I’m nowhere near the status of having no emotion, i simply am trying to say that I am trying to learn what it means to have inner peace.

We struggle with so much in life and many times we let it get to us. People will be people and though I feel strongly that we are turning to a soft, marshmallow society of bundled emotions, I know that I can only control what is around me. I can reflect what I would like to see and truly focus on what I would like. This isn’t me turning myself to an idol, it is merely realizing that I am one person and it all begins with me in the sense of change, my perspective, outlook, and etc.

I can take it all in that the world throws at me but how I handle it defines what it will become in my life. It isn’t about letting things come with the flow anymore. It is truly about learning to balance, finding inner calm and peace of mind, to take the necessary steps to push forward.

This is exactly what must be done, regardless of the outcome. I will continue to fight.


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