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What moves people? I’ve been asking myself the question that seems to spark interest in many people. I’ve been thinking about my work as an artist, a writer, to better help reach an audience. You could say I have those people who may indeed have been following me since the beginning and the real question is what did I bring to the table? What words did I spark an interest with that caused you to stay or read on. This is in fact the question we ask ourselves as those who produce content but on thing must also be asked, why do we do it?

I’ve spent most of my life never fully acknowledging or knowing what I love to do. I would spend my time playing video games or just binge watching the shows that seemed to grasp peoples attention, I was hooked. It was the stories that enticed me, kept me interested, kept my focus. In this day and age, it is hard to keep people focused on what you are showing them. My friend once said that if it isn’t shiny or could hold you for more than 5 minutes, don’t bother sharing it. The reality is that the world is changing and people want to be entertained.

Words have a tug and pull effect on people. Words can create pictures and show you a new world, invigorate a new emotion, and etc, words have power. I’ve learned in my few years as a writer the strong effect of words and with it I know I hold great responsibility. A good writer is also a good reader and I would spend my time reading when I could. I always try to work on the craft and to get better, I try to ask people what sounds good, what they liked or didn’t like about my work. Though I know that I am not perfect, I also know that I am not defined by what others say, I just grow based upon the criticism and my own experience/imagination.

I feel like this all should be said and should properly be addressed to those aspiring writers out there. Writing isn’t easy. It isn’t about just writing a story you want others to read and ignoring everything about the story like feelings, character development and etc. People forget that a story, an article, carries a part of the writer, the emotions drawn to create that scene or dialogue. You spend time with people, in events, draw from memory, and etc. I feel as if writing is being able to penetrate someones perception and allowing it to take hold with an understanding that you describe. It would seem to be a paradox but that is the beauty of being a writer. Painting a picture with words.


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