What a Night to Write

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What does it mean to write? Laying down on my bed contemplating what my next words will be? What would entice a reader to stick through these simple words that would impact them? How would I draw an audience to my work? The questions that plague a writer.

I find myself attempting to find proper footing during these times of confusion. Starting this new job and trying to balance my new schedule has caused a sort of disarray. I would write or attempt to write twice a week and now it would seem that it fluctuates consistently. I’ve also been trying to have a solid voice.

For those who are indeed writers, it can be hard, you spend hours reading and ask yourself, how can I get this good?!

I’ve tried to play around with my verbiage and I have also begun to incorporate my experiences to better create characters. Though I’m still working on my most recent book, editing before sending it off to an editor or agent. I also seem to want to better understand what it truly means to write.

They say it is easy. Just sit down and write. But the truth is simplified and there is more than just stroking keys or a pen on paper. Writing is an art and I intend to dedicate my life in perfecting the craft that I am passionate about. I wish to grow daily with every word I read and write.

No matter the consequences or even the audience or reader that wishes to embark in my journey. For me writing makes up a large part of who I am and so I continue to grow. I hope you will grow with me and I wish to learn from any advice given and to read many works as well. Be blessed all, this is gee_ology.


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