Digital Revolution

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Your phone is your friend.

Your social media is your friend as well.

The love and hate relationship we build upon these common topics in today’s age. I remember writing about my detox and my departure from social media. I even remember the times I had no “smartphone”. A 17-year-old without a phone except for a tablet and an iPod touch, remember those?

I believe I could honestly say that I was in the precipice of the birth of social media. It started with myspace they say but I hold strongly to the communication generating in chats, forums, and etc to what we now have today. (Not saying forums are obsolete, calm down people)

Scanning my eyes on the pixels on the screen to generate a good eye catcher. I would spend time moving my top 10 on myspace, even scrolling through at the time when it was a thing.

Now, we jump to the year 2019. Social media is perceived as the norm and even phones are called ” smartphones”. We have researchers stating that it is bad for you (too much social media) and even saying smartphones make us dumb. The reality is that we have to take a step back and see why they say this.

I believe we spend way too much time on it. We let us consume our perception of the world, instead of seeing the benefits and using it when we need to to make our lives simpler.

Remember sending mail through the post office and waiting a week for a reply? This, of course, was before email helped speed the process up. I remember learning cursive to one day write to someone I loved, just like the movies. Now I’m hearing kids are not really taught cursive, such a shame.

I’ve had my ups and downs with both mediums. One thing I can say about them all is that they reap good benefits when used the right way. Texting shouldn’t be used as a primary way of communication just as social media shouldn’t be how one makes friends. But as well, I’ve met great people through these formats and they have been in my life because of these outlets. It would seem like a paradox.

The truth is that we need to focus on the priorities in life. If it is taking too much out of something else we should be doing, we do less or stop. For me, personally, I have a hard time staying active. If I do, I keep it at a constant fluctuation of memes or things I find funny. I love looking at new art and works but I know I won’t let it hinder my own. I’m not here to please anyone or seek a sense of validation. My phone is a personal computer I can use to draw, sketch, write and etc without having to go to a specific spot. Same as a sketchbook and etc. I’m a digital artist now but that does not mean I am not an artist. Just as it can be good I’ve seen where it can be distracting. I have begun not having any social media on my personal phone, only a tablet or computer.

I encourage people, instead of bashing anyone, some.may find a need for it, others may not. I know that I don’t really need it all but it helps to make my work, networking, communicating with people, easier. So then, where would you land in this digital revolution?


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