A Look Within

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Kill me not with soft words from such lips. Having my soul engulfed by invigorating touch that reaches the long, forgotten, beating heart. Keep me buried if I am but a passing wind in a season of one’s choosing. I have yielded to such a cause that men seem to fall victim to. Why has such distance grown amidst the length of time that one comes close? Passions embrace shaken by such a short grasp. The mystery of the shadows once thought to remain in darkness. Sweeping through veins, protruding the lights delicate voice. Time spent in welcomed arms now given empty seconds of thoughts raging. Anxieties mold, transforming the depressive mind, compelled by obsessive storms. Screaming anguish, hidden behind a cold smile. The vision blurred, gateway fogged by eternal roots. Ticks and snaps, counting seconds drawn to meet fates final outcome. I welcome it if it comes to greet me. Holding for air, drowning in silence. Driving nature untamed in chains, clawing for release. Hidden….hidden….such a beast….the story of my mind…..losing its senses in victory….


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