Free To Be Me

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Time to wake up and stop following a dream.

I’ve heard the constant phrase being thrown at me and with the desire to rush to fulfill my heart’s content, I remained asleep. It is easy to quote such a tale or be told by those who already have reached their own “dreams”. But what about us, the dreamers, who still have to pay bills that are made possible by a 9 to 5, 12 to 9, and etc? Those of us who pick up another job just to make ends meet. Are we not just trying to survive at the moment?

I’ve come to terms with my reality. I have let myself be a victim of my own procrastination, my own self defeating words, and even my own self as an obstacle. Year’s stretched saying I could be this or do that and yet nothing comes about. Im sure I’m not the only one who believes this. When was the last time you just stopped and said, I want to do ” this” and then a week passes and nothing comes about? It is true, we have the power to change our world, we can pick up our coats and just change our lives by what we do and when we do it. But why don’t we?

We continue to remain asleep. Dreams are not made to be followed. The money will not grow on trees and though people keep saying to follow your passions, you need to make the proper moves and steps to get there. So you’re working a job you hate to pay bills, going to school again, guess what, that’s fine. The point is not to stay there, don’t become comfortable but know as well, responsibilities are necessary. Here’s the truth, a good majority of people will never be what they envision themselves being. Is that a bad thing, does it mean you’re a failure? Nope.

Life keeps going and will continue even after you’re dead. The point of life is not to be that astronaut you saw yourself becoming as a kid. The point is fully living it, life. The world will cause us to change our minds and we may forget about what we want to do and instead focus on what we need to do. I’ve heard and seen people change when they have kids and a family. It no longer becomes about them but being able to provide for their loved ones.

Now, does that mean we give up on our “dreams”? No. We merely learn to see and take the proper steps to accomplish the dreams and have them become goals. Easier said than done right? We may want to be the next big thing but that will not accomplish anything. We need to properly grow and work towards our goals, I know I am. I want to be able to come home, have an office in the corner of my house and write every day as my source of income and my passion continuing to flourish.

I’ve been writing for 3 years, am I an accomplished author yet, no, but it doesn’t mean I will stop writing. I may not like my job or where I’m at now but I’m working towards it. I’m surviving and will continue to survive, enjoying life, and guess what, if I never become that author or writer, I’m okay with that. I’ve met incredible people, I’ve felt and learned what true love is, I’ve been up and down in this roller coaster of life. Overall, my life has been met with tremendous blessings and hardship, I’m proud of who I have become and am becoming. Don’t ever forget that, to be proud and have confidence in who we are. I am a writer, even now. For me, I’ve reached a place where I know I can continue to grow and if I need to work a 9 to 5 to then set my own schedule in the future, so be it, in the end, I’ll win the war, so to speak.

I’m free to be me.


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