Choosing sides

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We are all creatures of darkness. We never truly see the light until we await our arrival upon this world. Even before our conception we await as a figment of imagination from our mother or father, years before we walk on this Earth. Or so they say.

It amazes me when people speak in such eloquent ways, reciting what they see envisioned to the future, still waiting to see a light. But are we not all blind to the reality that we are letting it all escape us and time continues to flow before us. We await a future or let ourselves become trapped by the past, the future, and our thoughts that plague us like a raging storm.

What can be said about our verynature? We are told that we are either capable of so much more and we can “become” something else, someone else. One thing I have learned, especially as of late, is that the world is constantly moving, life continues and we are capable of changing today.

Though the world is moving, the reality is that we lose focus on what is before us, at that very moment. I’ve spoken about this before in the past and I could say that I lose sight of this many times. My OCD seems to be fed by the uncertainty of life and I am compelled to dwell on what could have been or what can be. But I know that I choose to either believe such notions or change.

There are some who learn the truth of which I speak, while others may still are learning it, but overall, we each learn that life is truly precious, now. Excuses can always be made about why we do not do something and etc. What really is causing us to not see that we place ourselves in the darkness and remain waiting for a miracle, instead of pushing through to find the light? Now it can seem like I’m saying that as a baby. Why we didn’t fight our ways out to be born. But all joking aside, life is truly never guaranteed. We can’t escape the responsibilities we face because of how we prioritize them in our lives. What is important to you? Will you just merely remain in the dark and become trapped in a tunnel, trying to see a dream or the light in the end? Or will we begin to light a lamp, flashlight and make our ways out, unburying ourselves. The choice is ours.


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