Reflecting Reflections

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I’ve said it many times in the past before, time is ever changing and that you go through various seasons in life that have you reflect on life. Specifically, what I’m referring to is my life of course, in this instance.

I’ve spent a good portion of my time writing these types of articles, motivational, hoping to bring a sense of realism to the world or to my fellow readers. I haven’t been fully honest with you all, it is hard.

I know I can elaborate on the necessary steps one must take to get “better” but what one must understand is that life has its ups and downs. I have been going through a tough time. I don’t fully know what I believe in anymore and everything seems to not fully make sense. I’ve developed a perspective in the sense that whatever worked, build from that and grow. This has lef me to look at life differently.

A couple of things have slowly come to light for me, as well as clarification to what I was already perceiving. People will come and go. So called friends are mere acquintances and you never really get attached with others unless the same desire to partake in their lives, vice versa. I’ve seen the people I have on any social media to be of a kind of strangers I passed by, found some information, got to know them some more and now I briefly just pass on by. Those who remain and have become friends I can honestly say have been what many deem a blessing.

Another reality is that it doesn’t matter what the price may be, follow your dreams. I’ve written about in the past to never give up and try to reach your dreams/goals. I have also written that sometimes you may not get to where you want to be and that is ok. I’ve come to the final conclusion that money will truly help you get to where you want to be faster and will ease off some stress, but ultimately it is true, keep following your dreams. I have begun to push myself more and more to write, to learn and grow, become that writer/author I know I can be.

As well, I have come to see that it is ok just being ok. I am not a well known blogger (yet) I maynot clock in hours of vlogs, writer daily posts, but I am still growing. I may deal with OCD and I may have my wild days but that is not going to stop me from growing. I am corny in the sense of my dad jokes, my dark humour and even just my moments of “moments”. I am not the type of guy to openly share my emotions or even write so much nonsense, contrary to belief. I rather speak or write less, while always being true to myself, others, as well as sharing it all with meaning. I am not here to impress anyone nor do I wish to be seen as a high and mighty person, I am just me.

Finally, I am sure that I don’t know where the hell I will be in 5-10 years from now. I don’t need to know my future and I don’t want to know. I only know that I have a plan on what I would like for it to look like and I am consistently learning everyday. I am in no rush to skip timelines or timeframes. I am currently in a serious relationship and it has been amazing, challenging but overall well beyond what I imagined. I am in a decent job and still working on getting a good education. I just know that we need these moments, to reflect on what troubles us and keep reflecting because life is so short.


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