The 5 W’s of Writing

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My hands move with such a rapid motion that it seems to move on its own. Jumping from device to device, I find myself in constant odds, wondering where it is that I find complete comfort. What device should I use to write, where is the perfect spot, platform, who am I writing about, Why am I writing, When am I writing?

Let’s begin with something that I have answered many times before in the past but I want to help others better understand. Why? I am not a very complicated man, I wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, spend time with my girlfriend, either on a date, talking, etc, then it is my free time. I would occasionally write growing up but it wasn’t until 2016 that I discovered my passion for writing. I feel a complete sense of peace and control when I am writing. Any sense of having my OCD, any thoughts, everything seems to come together as if order is established. I let my imagination and my notions come to life as well. It is not only therapy to me but truly a long forgotten friend that I never truly appreciated while I was in school.

When. It would seem that time is always a constant enemy. As many writers know, we are the biggest procrastinators. I would sit down in front of my computer and tell myself, today is the day that I will write. 2 hours later I have watched 3 episodes of the office or have played some video games. Now, don’t get me wrong, I write every day. It may seem like we don’t take the time for our stories but the reality is, we do, but it is on our time. We are not forced to write and that is the beauty of writing. When you want to write it may not “happen” but these moments can evolve to a need to write and at that moment, the stories write themselves.

Where to write can seem a bit difficult. I have recently bought a chromebook, to be exact the samsung chromebook plus. Though some people can ask why did I do that, I just shrug saying, because I want a good medium for my creativity. I can write when I get home, this is true, I have a computer I built for gaming and my graphic design projects, but I know as well, I can only do so much on my phone. I can write on the go and be like I used to be starting out but times change. I am constantly thinking about new things and the reality is that I have enjoyed the chromebook. Unlike the laptops I have had in the past, I can literally go anywhere, lightweight, longer batter, and just write. True, I can muster up and fix windows laptop and do the same but I enjoy the versatility of my chromebook, just a week in.

What to write? This question shouldn’t really be a challenge to writers. We write whatever we feel like writing honestly. The problem I keep seeing with some writers is that we see someone has created that story we thought up and spent hours on and give up. We forget that we each interpret our own things and our perspectives are drastically different. Write that story, no matter what someone says. Learn from each experience and grow as writer. This can also correlate to who am I writing about. Your characters, the people you are reviewing, these people become a part of you. People forget that writing is an expression using words to fully create a better grasp at the world around you. It is about showing you the senses in the realest way possible. It doesn’t act like it will be something it is not, the words reveal themselves and what people call a soul, is truly shown.

So I tell all who wish to write, to continue to write. It is such a remarkable art. If you are ever alone in writing, blogs, articles, novels, etc, there is a community of like-minded people waiting to help. Keep writing and never stop.


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