ChromeBook: Case Closed

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Samsung Chromebook Plus

Revel in the new rise of the Chromebooks!

Ok, so I may be a few years too late. I have recently found myself enthralled with everything that is Chrome OS. I am a huge Linux supporter. I currently run a dual boot of Linux (ubuntu) and Windows 10 on my gaming computer. I built my computer to run everything possible a few months back but I could not stretch myself thin and “just” run windows. Hence, I always carry a flash drive with a bootable Ubuntu usb shtick as well. What does all of this have to do with Chrome OS or Chromebooks, simple, Chrome OS runs with Linux.

I was debating for hours one night, I kept tossing and turning in my chair. I needed a good device I could carry around with me that would support my creativity. I have a RCA Cambio 2n1 that makes for a lot of fun travel experiences, but it lacked the speed and extended timeframe I needed for use. If you are on a budget thought, this little device can be found through deals and can be used to take with you, if you don’t mind the 2gb of ram that is.

RCA Cambio 10″ 2-n-1

I had a samsung tab A 8″ which I loved but handed down to my mother as a birthday gift because she loves tablets. Then it came down to the choice of my laptop. I could speed money to fix it up or I could see what else was out there. Drumroll. I came across reviews for Chromebooks.

Toshiba Chromebook

There is a channel on youtube called Chromeunboxed, they helped me understand the world of Chrome and google products. At first I was skeptical, but as I continued to look into everything, I fell in love. I proceeded to jump on Amazon and look through various options. I was surprised to see that Chromebooks run cheap and was enthralled with the reviews of battery life. I am always on the road now, either going to work or just adventuring. One thing I find is that I am in need to write things down when I get creative or to sketch something. I noticed myself loving the 2-n-1 chromebooks. I then proceeded to look at what would really help me. I came across the Samsung Chromebook Plus.

I am not sponsored by Samung but I could say that I have had no problems with any samsung products. All of this being said, I would say that the chromebook meets my needs. I read and saw reviews about battery life, it is an easy fix for someone like me who carries around portable chargers. It usually lasts around a solid 6-7 hours unlike the 8-10 hours it states. It may not have a USB port but I have a multi adapter which fixes the problem. I also have google one which increases storage plus 2, 1 tb external hard drives, with me at all times, the 32gb internal storage isn’t a problem. The 4gb of ram could have been more but I hardlly feel it unless I am running 6-8 tabs and mutli-screen, as I do with my desktop pc. The keyboard could be drastically better. I am sadly used to the keyboard size due to carrying around a small bluetooth keyboard or even my RCA Cambio 10″, when I started writing. The backspace button is pretty small but I can just connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to the device as a fix, no biggie.

Overall, I really like Chromebooks. As a writer, it is exceptional and I can’t wait to carry it around and explore other devices as time goes on. There has been a newer version, the plus V2 but the reviews and specifications didn’t really entice me. There were other devices but I really am pulled to the pressure sensitivity of the stylus and the display is vivid and clear. I took it upon myself to investigate the world of Chromebooks and I can say that the case is closed, the verdict, guilty of being what I need for the future. I highly recommend if you are a writer, take a look into the world of Chromebooks, if you are an artist, a 2n1 will change your lives.

As I continue to learn more and see other mediums to enhance my creativity, I will inform you all how it goes. For now, this is Gee_ology signing off again. Unto another Case.


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