Evolved Love

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Don’t believe in love at first sight or far stretched out fairytales of love anymore. Vision obscured by limits or desires invested to blur perceptions of what’s true. Fantasies enticing men and women to dream dreams with no vivid reality to hold. Sweeping blissful ecstasy enveloping senses to derail the judgment bestowed. The death of the romantic. Consumed by once upon to forever after. Breathe again. Touching deep with reason vibrant details of what is. Coming to realize the present reveals a firm hold to what should be. The evolution of man. Discarding frail states that were held, molded from birth to break free. Though memories form with joy, happiness is not found in another. Poetic justice giving a verdict, found guilty to the illusion of love displayed through cinematic thralls. We stand, broken but whole. Imperfections accepted in confident arrays projected. Lest not forget the battlefield for our heart. Stand clear of pleasurable pursuits leaving many cold and alone. Stand your ground and continue to evolve for when love is truly planted, you’ll grow.


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