Live, Learn, Love

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I believe we forget how refreshing it all seems to be, to wake up and know that the day is filled with endless possibilities. It is perplexing to me the intricate details that help set the next couple of choices in motion. The world is filled with a mystery and an allure that is truly breathtaking.

I’ve lived my life, for the most part, always planning my next steps. One day I can be completely fine and the next day I am in constant turmoil, trying to plan my day or the next few years of my life. There are other days where I relive moments in my life, memories, trapped in the illusion of believing that things could have been better. It is easy to say to be positive or to think in such a way but to truly live and be at peace is not something we as humans can ultimately do for an extended period.

I have learned that change is necessary. Our perceptions of time, people, and etc changes drastically. There will be those who you meet and in a few months or years, they no longer are a part of your life. It just happens, we grow as people. I’ve explained it since the beginning of this blog that we need to live in the moment but I keep forgetting a crucial part in the whole process, just live.

Life can be scary, we grow and age, our bodies will never be the same as it was before. The way we interpret things and react to certain situations are based upon our experiences. We learn new things and begin to apply wisdom with the knowledge that we learn. It can be difficult at times but then you take a few steps to contemplate the years and see that you made it out of difficult situations before.

The reality is that life is scary. Life is beautiful. Life is filled with mystery. But guess what, that is life. The world will never just revolve around you. It will keep going years from now and the truth is, is that you are a speck of dust compared to expanding universe or time. This doesn’t mean that you will stop and wallow until you are dead. On the contrary, you begin to truly leave an impact on the world. You are not a legend but what you do and what you are remembered by is what creates that title. You leave behind a legacy. But fame is ultimately not as important as you believe.

Beyond all scopes of what we have been taught, you are a diamond, a diamond in the rough. Yes, it could be seen as something from a movie, no, not aladdin, even though I used the reference. Life is meant to be explored and to truly see amazing things, people and the reflection before you. Will it be easy? Not by a mile. Does it mean you have to do it alone? No, of course not. All in all, time is precious and life will never measure, telling you how much of it you will actually experience. So I can truly say this, just live life, the bees and birds still find their meal in the day, they live out their lives. We push on and follow our dreams, learn from mistakes, and have a family, years from now you will see that all this stress was not worth it. Do what you love, be with who you love, and don’t let the limitations of others define you.


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