Writer’s Call

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Let’s just stretch these old fingers here and crack some bones. *insert cracking noises* Another day, another night awake. I am amazed my body hasn’t completely shut down with all the abuse I’ve put it through in all of the years. Here I am, back at it again, about to be 3 am, eastern time in the states. I am no longer surprised by the simple fact that I can even fuction. You could blame my delayed sleep syndrom, who knows.

I’ve taken it upon myself to start a sort of ritual. This ritual has more or less to do with the fact that I use writing, not only as an escape, therapy, or to simply pour out my passion. I want to really get in the habit to write without forcing myself as well. I have been good at setting a time frame when I want to complete a project but for the most part I want to just find myself writing constantly. In the end of my days I want to gladly show that I have as much words on paper or screen as anyone else out there.

It may be perceived as senseless as first but I find that the more I write, the more I read, the better I become. I have also incorporated more of who I am. It is easy to just jot down words and try to grab your readers with enticing stories but I also feel like you need heart. Who would I be if I was to just be this blogger that shares poetry, motivational articles, without revealing who I am as well? I may only be going at this for about 3 years but I am in no rush to be known throughout the interwebs just yet. I am getting a foot through the door and waving my hands saying, look I’m still here, I love this art form and I’m not giving up any time soon.

Writing is my true calling. Even though I am trying to return to the educational spectrum of what we call college, I still see myself writing when I reach old age. I may find that I clock in the hours of a 9 to 5 but guess what, I will still write. I may go on the path and listen to advice to just stick to writing, sacrifice it all. But the reality is, is that we all have our own paths. I’m in no rush and even though some can see it as wasted time, I see it as learning experiences. I am a writer, nothing will change that. So I make some grammatical mistakes, ok, I will be criticized, learn from it and get better. This is the beauty of art, you reveal to the world how you interpret it and in the end, your life is your brand, your work is your legacy.

I will write til my dying breath. I will write because it is in the very crevice of my body and mind. I feel called to write and I heed that call, every second and every day, so I will write in my journal, share my thoughts, my poems, my stories, and let the world read on.


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