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Let’s throw everything we know about time out the window!

Ok, let’s back up, I may be a bit out there. I have not lost my mind just yet. But I can say that I am still awake, 4:45 am.

I really don’t know what is the case with my body. I have an almost impossible task, to try to fall asleep or get tired. I can’t fully explain what happens in my brain.

To be honest, I was working on a couple of projects for some people (graphic design). Apart from all of that, I was just reading articles on the Internet.

I’m going to be moving on to another adventure or chapter in my life. I am actually excited to see what else is in store for me. I am always finding new challenges and it helps me keep going. Even with the beginning process of trying to go back to school, that will also add on to the new story unfolding.

Life hasn’t been that great lately but I’ve managed to push through. Granted I’m not the same person I was 2-3 months ago. My whole view of life has changed.

But here I am now, awake, what causes someone like me to remain awake? Is it the delayed sleep syndrome manifesting because of my OCD? Is it the plague of thoughts that haunt me from time to time? The world may truly never know, as do I not.

It is amazing though, being awake in these hours. The world seems to be mostly asleep on my side of the hemisphere. Even though I know there are those awake, for the most part, people sleep at night or very early in the am. It is peaceful, a time where I find myself easier to just cope with life.

I prefer the night. Some say I profess darkness as a whole, they do not lie. I cannot understand the complexity of my mind. I seem to be at times on a different spectrum. Maybe it is my pride talking or maybe it is the lack of sleep. Maybe I’m awake due to the fact that I almost died, yet again, today.

This life is short and I keep seeing time pass on by. I wish at times that I never had to sleep to fully embrace the world, especially the night. What am I going to do I guess? Live a life where I am but a daydreamer, where I may appear to be a vampire.

Either way, through everything that I know, I can feel it, the night calls to me. Find me awake, for in the night I live and in the day I dream.


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