Level Up

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The name of the game is that there isn’t one.

We casually look into various methods of developing these gameplans that stretch out for years. We follow blindly or with the “perfect” rules established to accomplish our goals. But the sad truth is that there isn’t any rules specifically that has been made by others that would ultimately apply to you.

Now, there are somethings that just work in life, but for the most part, life is truly lived by the experiences that YOU live through. Follow the 7 habits of this or that, top ten lists, and etc. I’ve seen everyone come out of the wood work and try to explain to people how things should be done. Reality, it is a bunch of noise until you come to terms with who you are.

Honestly, it is difficult to realize what I am saying. This entry can be seen as just a way to motivate people but don’t take my words as something that MUST be heard. My words are just a way to begin the process and for you to learn to truly see what is around you. They say that you become what you surround yourself with but I believe you become what you allow to change you.

We can hear all the nonsense in this world and become affected by it but the ultimate defining point is the choices we make based upon what it is we have learned.

We begin to really mature when it isn’t a game we are playing. It isn’t about cross our t’s or dotting our i’s. When we reach this age or that age. Do we have to wait til they do this or that? It is our choice what we do in life and we are not to be placed in such a position that we cannot reflect who we truly are. There are reasons to follow certain laws and that helps create order. This is why a code of conduct is developed by us, because we learn our worth.

It can seem like a paradox saying then that, Consistency, selflessness, humility, they help us to mature in the end but while that is being done, we must see who we are. We become that person who is not easily moved by other’s opinion. These are what I am finding, being a man, my opinion and experiences so let not my words scar you. I find that when you realize who you are, no matter how lost you may feel, when you begin to let yourself feel, be real, then you will learn what you are willing to accept. You begin to see the love you deserve and as well, you begin to let go as much as you take in. Once you understand yourself fully, you are willing to give yourself fully to others. This is what begins the process to maturity.

Reality begins to settle in the end, it isn’t about you in the end. No matter what you may want to think. It isn’t a game to develop the best stats. In the end you will fade and the game would have been “won” by another. Live your life and truly begin to question what you let in, what changes you and what choices you make. You are never alone in this world. Life is more than game.


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