Questions in Love

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What do I love about you or how do i know I’m in love? Is it obvious? The way I see you? When you smile, the way you slightly tilt your head? When we sit and you find ways to touch me or get close? Is it When you laugh and find something extremely funny, you snort? Is it When you remember small things about me though you forget other things? Or The way you may not care about certain things but you are so aware and caring? When I kiss you, is it really time that stops?

Are these butterflies going to stop with such beauty? Is it the way we talk and it flows naturally, even if it may have shift? How can you race 1000 times in my mind and never tire of me? Can someone really be the first and last thought on my mind, like you are? Is it even possible to trust someone completely? To let them have your heart, with no regrets, even risks? When it was just a few dates in and I knew I wanted to walk beside you, as far as we could? Or A bond as if you were my best friend but much more? Is it The way my pride ceased to exist around you and I thought about someone besides myself? Or Your scent, as if it is the smell of home, causing my heart to ease?

Can Such a mind, ever-evolving, and with such amazement love me? Literally causing me to delve deeper to observe and enjoy such a presence? My favorite story, with such similarities as my own, be so captivating? Was it the moment you held my hand? Was that the moment you held my heart? Or was it when I saw you on your bday? What happened because I wasn’t looking for love but it came rushing and I let it consume me?

Why does my body feel such warmth when I hold you close? Why is it that when you bury yourself on my chest, I wish to tell you I’ll be here….always? What is this dream I call reality where I never knew how much I can lover another? How can I become lost by the sound and touch of your lips? How can you appear to be so perfect to me? How can someone make you feel and encourage you to be even better than before? What is it about you that I cannot stop declaring how in love with you I am?


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