Time Is Now

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Life is never going to give you a free pass. We look back and always are quick to say if this or that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be where we are now. The words we said, the actions we completed, etc, the list goes on. It is true, that situations happen, but let’s take a step back. We have a choice. Own up to all of it as if it was all on you and evolve. It is literally now or never. We need to own up to whatever bull happened and say, ok, that happened, I lived through it but what will I do about my life now, for the future? What the hell are you going to do about your life? We dream vivid dreams we wish to see but enough is enough, take the steps now, it is your life, you’re not the past.

We grow and learn various things through life and one common thing that I keep hearing is to learn from your past. I hear people using events that transpired in the past or even using it as excuses not to change. There may indeed may be some traumatic experience but that is why we learn to cope and let us learn from that. Our past should make us stronger by showing us what we can overcome. We are alive. WE ARE ALIVE. Read those words again and again.

I don’t know what the hell triggered in my mind. I guess I just needed to fully clear my mind. I have had more enough time. You want something, don’t stop chasing it til you have it, Geo….I repeat it to myself because I am one of the many that needs to hear it. I can regret many things in my life and I can wish I was never homeless, I never got involved in some bad things, had a better life, but I can’t live reminiscing what could have been. There is only so much water a glass cup can hold. It can topple and break but I rather truly hold in what I can take and grow to be that ocean I know I can be.

I’ve been my biggest hindrance. We mostly are, but we come and say that enough is enough. Is it not our time? Time to work on what we care about. To not just put it in the back of our minds. I am a man, I have needs, I have desires, I have the knowledge and wisdom to be someone great. A king. I will not let something like fate or luck define me. My future is not written in the stars, I make my own destiny, so to speak. We all do. We can learn to become mature and grow. We come together with one another and live in such a way where we literally become better versions of ourselves. Show that humanity is more than just our rhetorics.


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