End of the Masquerade

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Learn to see your worth. We forget who we are and let the opinions of others affect us. Once we learn to love ourselves we should know our value. Don’t allow anyone to disrespect you. It can come in many ways so be wary, drama introduced in your life, time wasted, manipulations, and etc.

You need time to step back and see that no matter what, those who see you as a treasure will also shine on their own. Many like to try and cover you with dirt, bring you down, as long as they are seen as the focus. But the reality is that it ultimately isn’t about you. When you learn to love yourself, it fills up and overflows to others. This includes any relationship you are in.

I’ve lived a stressful, tiring life, it feels long and short at the same time. Through it all, I’ve seen who is really there for me. I’ve been cheated on, used, tossed aside, ignored, but I needed to learn who I am and within the darkness, let it shape me. I crawled out from the darkest of places and still hold my head high. No one or nothing will change me or bring me down. Though I may be influenced by certain things or situations, I am my own man.

I believe we forget how short life is. We forget to take a step back and see when people simply see you as a way out, an obstacle, an object. We are all human beings, each of us deserve to be loved and share in love equally, to grow and learn, to live following the truth. Technology, social media, and all that leads to the destruction of these truths should never define you. You are you, beautiful in every way. It’s time to end the masquerade.


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