Simmering Fire

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Simmering fire slowly consuming my being. Seeing with a wild heart engulfed by love. Take my hand and find warmth. Forgive me oh traveling soul, for times and actions when I was not home. For a home to me is you, being by your side. Years in search, feeling alone, finding myself whole. Learning to be who I must to then be able to see you glow. Burning star, lighting my way. Such energy echoing and carving your name as you crashed into the crater of my soul. Filling me with what I thought lost. Sitting on your throne as I kneel before my queen. True gold as you feel touch gold. Your skin is ever so soft with scents of the gardens of the time. Flowing with the oceans, your hair is the rivers caressing my touch between. Eyes meeting mine, gems of amber burning through. Such a smile, curling lips, sweet embrace, the light of the moon in lonely nights. No covers upon such exquisite masterpiece in the masquerade displayed by others. You are your own, ever so treasured. The wisdom and knowledge of the sages. Holding not only my heart but the mind. Such stories and humor, ever so divine, a Goddess. Feel my touch with words. My lips speak kisses and desire the taste of your essence. Allowing my voice to speak of beauty beyond appearance in poetry. My fingers to caress your textures, examining every corner, hole, curve, and grasp to hold you close in hands, interlocked. Finding the strokes keyed to describe such a being. Let my legs leap towards the heavens to orbit such a star and walk beside you. May I help lead or support your journey as I carry my own? Stop me if I am on my own for emotions are not only what hold me but I may break. An imperfect, fragile man made strong through the years. My story is not finished but I know I desire for it to merge and be our own.


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