What A Journey

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How much time are you actually spending doing what you love?

I’ve come to one of those moments as a writer and blogger where I look back and see all that I have done. I remember when I initially started this blog and this has been quite a ride. Now reaching my 3 year mark in August, I look back to see how far this has gone. Some people would say that I should have grown even further, had a book out, had a youtube series or something. In all honesty, I’m in no rush at all.

A lot has happened in the span of 3 years. I’ve changed between 4 different jobs and I have been through 2 serious relationships, with the one I am in now being the longest I’ve been in (2 years). I ventured into the podcast realm for awhile and also escaped death once again. I needed time to think and find myself once again. Life was taxing itself on and I needed to fully just find time to breathe.

Writing has been such an incredible experience and my joy and love for it keeps growing. I have become a chromebook user while writing while still maintaining my desktop for gaming, editing and designing. I started to draw once agin during the 3 year time frame, found the love for abstract art.

All I can truly say is that no matter what people may try to state about where you are and where you should be, it is ultimately defined by when you will be ready. There is truly no rush for anything. Maybe I just don’t have the time, it is not that my passion has dwindled. If I cut out my days of a 9 to 5 to focus on my creativity, maybe I would allow it to grow some more, but I also have bills at the moment. I just know that I feel content for now. I am not comfortable. I still wish to write in such a way that it truly inspires others and I hope that you, the reader, understands where I am coming from. I truly don’t know, in this day and age, if people read articles or blogs entirely. My life may not be as interesting but for me this is my therapy.

I write poetry, short stories, stories, articles, motivational entries and etc. This is who I am, a writer and nothing will change about it all. I enjoy who I am becoming and I am proud in who I am now.

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