Flowing Words

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What does it take to fully motivate you? Are the words spoken in a play, movie, poem, book, and etc, really what drives men/ women to get up and roar with the motivation? I’ve longed to see the reality of when people are quick to say actions speak louder than words.

I find that there is some confusion when I look out to the world. People, in general, sometimes forget how powerful words can be. We look at history and we see that writing or the written language, has been a detrimental part of our story throughout time. One could say that without having clear written out documents, we wouldn’t really be able to help clarify a few things through history.

Now, I know what some people might say, “Who am I to talk, maybe we could have continued to pass stories by word of mouth.”. Of course! I’m not just speaking about the written language but words as a whole. I’ve found words, letters, the whole combination of language to be just as powerful as the actions that we say “define” us.

Let’s take a moment and look at poetry or quotes that have shaken the world. Now, I can state thousands, but for the readers sake, let’s just say you insert your favorite quote here (x). What did you think of? Now, insert your favorite book, movie, poetry, etc. Movies come from scripts and the rest we actually read, maybe act out. There are infinite possibilities to what a few letters can be combined and reveal.

I feel that the more I grow as a writer, the more I am finding how much power I have. Sure, I can play or be seen as a God, maybe to the characters in my stories. To some that grow to feel my poetry and love it, I am not only imparting something I feel but who I am. Words in essence breed a vivid imagination to whoever has ears to hear or eyes to see and read.

One thing I can say for certain, words will continue to form as long as there are people willing to share their story, be it fictional or part of our history. Words are here to stay. Words are action. Words have power.


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