Oh, Blogger

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To blog or not to blog, that is one of the questions.

It’s slowly coming up to 3 full years since I made this blog. The first week of September actually. I clearly remember taking the dive into writing. Since then, I’ve written a few over 200 articles, entries, and etc. I’ve fully written out a couple of books I’m still editing to send out. I’ve written poems, returned to doing art, got in a relationship, switched jobs 2 times, it’s all incredible.

I remember asking myself seriously, do I want to do this. I would have a Tumblr and post my thoughts on there before. I would occasionally share them on Facebook too. Now, here I am.

Now though, something stirs inside of me. What makes a blog, a blog? I remember some people asking me if I also vlogged, which is recording my life adventures. My response was no. Others asked me if I did this, that, like have ads, promote a book, app, item, etc. My response was no. Someone then asked me, do I consider myself a real blogger, which I responded, of course!

Contrary to what people have grown to perceive by others, I’m a writer/blogger. Now, I’m not going to attack those who even on WordPress have carefully spent hours building and what you have. I also don’t want to say just because someone does something and it worked for them, you should do it and etc. Everyone is different, this we can all agree on. I don’t have thousands of followers or a huge email list. I don’t spend hours researching my next entry either. For me, my blog is a way to express myself and also share my thoughts with those who I think need it.

For the longest time, I would look for the right words to express myself. This was always spent looking into books, movies, quotes. Because I couldn’t find it, I learned to write it instead, draw it. When I first discovered my passion for writing, this fueled my desire to help others through writing. I felt misunderstood a good portion of my life but I always felt comfort in stories, poetry, and etc. So I placed it upon myself to.continue such a remarkable art form.

I may or may not be so equipped to tackle such a venture but I find I am doing what I love. It’s true, I am not a high grossing blogger. I’m not signing autographs just yet, but in reality, I’m content with how I’m growing. 3 years doesn’t seem like a lot and yet I’ve grown tremendously.

I believe we all want to reach a level of being content or happy. A job where we are getting paid to do what we love. The journey is always hard. But I’m in no rush, not anymore. I’ll keep improving my blog, if people want to read it, of course, I’ll be ecstatic. If they don’t, then I’ll wish them the best.

Everyone, in the end, is entitled to their own opinion. There will always be some who don’t like what you put out. One thing I’ve learned is that you yourself, you’re the first biggest fan. Sure, what you put out has to be considered “good”, but I’ve seen people get discouraged. You may not have the marketing, the agent, and etc, but do what you love, I know I do.

There are a million more things I could learn. How to make my site attractive, better content and etc. I will learn all of it as I keep going and grow as a writer. For now, I blog because I love to do it. I write because it is what I love. I am a writer, nothing will change that.


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