New Star

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Swift tales spun to see behind broken dreams.
Promises of what once was.
Empty lines through skies stretched by infinite time.
Or so was said til space showed its face.
Phased history now carried through the sands of time.
Deserted oceans tearing a broken ship.
Eternity held by stars till death finds its orbit.
Dragging all to hold dear life, yet the meaning is lost.
What can be said upon such an undertaking?
Venturing into chains of words hoping to never let go?
Blissful endeavors kissing sweet lips then lost by trailing sounds from parted memories.
Shaken, trembling, watered down in a puddle of emotions.
Finding solace in the darkness where one once was afraid.
What company can one find alone?
But see, distant stars shine amidst the empty, cold space.
You peer within, reaching deep until you see such light.
Hope breathes into an uncertain future and you begin to fly once more.
Feeling the warmth once more.
When love is gone it forms a black hole and yet through it all, a new star may be born.


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