Taking Charge

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People forget when you’re a manager/supervisor or are in charge of people, the prime focus isn’t to make friends. Yes, you can have fun, get to “know” your people, but end of the day you lead by example.

I look back at some of my days and know I was lenient on some issues while others I address. Leading others isn’t easy, you make choices based on what you think is best, we ourselves have our own bosses. In the end, you try to not only help people get better, motivate them.

People have an illusion that work has to be fun, while also thinking work can’t be fun, it’s not a paradox, there is a time and place. We are all out here trying to make money and pay bills, you may think only you have pressure, but the stress to be in “charge” is a lot. Granted some people should never hold the title at all and are really just a POS.

Lead by example.

Rant over.


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