Hanging Light

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I care not in being like a burning star.

The sun still hangs amongst the others in the cold, dark void of space.

See me as the moon, where I am visible in my darkness.

I’m clearly seen to the world in the embrace to that I shall not cover.

I am where men try to reach but so little have reached.

Where dreamers dream and souls find solace in their emotions.

Holding close to our world, keeping it company, protection.

Such a sight I see, even amidst the blinding light that many forget burns when close.

Hear my voice and words carry the tune.

Waves of emotions swinging and swaying by my call.

I am more than what you may try to grasp for I am as well a heavenly body.

See me amongst the stars but know, I am seen in my truest form, even in the darkness.


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