Bearded Adventures

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I have done it, I’ve committed, committed to what though? Growing my beard again.

Now, before everyone jumps to their opinion, what exactly does this mean? Let me start by saying that my job requires you to be clean-shaven or already have a full beard.

How can you magically grow a 1/4 inch full beard after being clean-shaven? Challenge accepted.

I’ve taken it upon myself to ignore my jobs “look” and just go for it. Though I’ve contemplated the overall, if they ask, “Why haven’t you shaven?” I would respond with a “whoops, slipped my mind.”.

I began with causally ignoring my razor. For those who don’t know, I recently switched to using a safety razor and it is ideal. Multi razors just suck and they leave bumps, ingrown hairs and etc. My face and body have scars to prove how annoying it can be.

Anyway, back to the mission (almost) impossible. It began on Sunday. I didn’t shave on Monday and I began to have a five o’clock shadow. Come to Tuesday (my Friday before my two days off) I had a stubble that was visible from afar. I would get glances from coworkers but no peep or word from anyone else.

Granted, I managed to make it to what I consider my “weekend”. I will return back to work on Friday which would give me a solid 4 days and a half. Knowing my face, I know I grow hair fairly fast. For those who don’t know, typically, hair grows at roughly 1/2 inch per month which means about 1/2 mm per day. Now, of course, it depends on age, genes and etc. But, there is a big butt, it isn’t about how long it takes but the challenge I’ve set for myself.

I’m not one to break rules when it comes to working. I am usually the one telling people to make sure they stay in line. I’ve felt out of place without my beard. Now, sure, before I would shave it off, grow it back, whenever I wanted to. But, seeing as I no longer have the liberty, I’ve grown fond of my hair.

For now, I may have stubble and it is getting darker every hour, longer. I will keep you guys updated. Though this isn’t a typical entry I would write, I just wanted to have fun and change things up. I mostly write about inspirational stuff or poetry but why not have people get to know me more?

For those who have trouble like me with this, let me know what you guys think or even tell me about some experiences that were similar in the comment section. Thanks for taking the time to read and for those who follow me, thank you, for those who don’t, come join the family! This is gee_ology, and remember, this isn’t a study about me but a new look at the World as a whole.


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