Bearded Adventures 2

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Well, it’s been roughly a week since my last post about growing my beard. One thing I would like to state: progress

It’s been about a week now that I have been growing my beard again. Now, even if it isn’t a sight to behold, I’ve forgotten how good it feels. Talk about shaving every single day and the razor really becomes your enemy.

Granted, I wish I could grow my hair longer too but that is something I definitely have to control. It is long enough and it will soon begin to curl everywhere due in part by my Dominican blood/genes.

To be frank, I didn’t have to hide behind my managers or coworkers. I just made a bold choice to grow out my beard even though the company has a strict policy. I’m not saying or motivating others to go against their bosses now. I’m just saying that I knew I wouldn’t feel like myself if I kept at it, plus my skin is sensitive on my face.

I already know that by next week, marking the 2 weeks of growing my beard, I will look like a werewolf. The picture I took doesn’t give it justice cause my hair is light brown when it is hit with any light, it looks gold or blonde.

I can just say this, I enjoy my beard and I will remember this experience before I ever try to shave it off again. When I do decide to leave this job as well, I will make sure that I fully grow it in about months length or 2. I used to have a love and hate relationship with my beard but not anymore, all love.

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