My Treasure

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It was not the moment she first kissed me, feeling her breath against mine as we parted.

It was not the spark as if electricity surged through our fingertips when we held hands, interlocked.

It was not the moment her warmth when she hugged me allowed me to truly feel the word home be defined by a person.

It was not the moment I looked into her eyes and she captivated me, causing me to dive in the ocean of unknowns.

It was not the scent of serenity that filled my essence by her presence, by her aroma.

It was the moment she whispered to just breathe, because, in all that I am and all that she is, I found a peace and understanding that could calm all wars, but more importantly, that which raged with storms in my very soul.

That is when I learned that she is someone I would forever treasure.

It was the fact that she was her own and no amount of time and space would change how beautiful and treasured she is to me. 

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