Bearded Adventures 3

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I wanted to just write a brief entry before. One day I just decided to grow my beard again. Now, before, I never really grow out to the full month. The first 8-10 years of my working life I couldn’t grow a beard because of work. Jump to when I finally could and I would typically do a style called the van dyke. I remember my 2 month goatee phase as well. Then you could jump to my last job where I would stick my preferred “look” which was the typical 1 week stubble and never letting it fully grow. But something recently happened which you could also read about from my first entry of the bearded adventures, I wanted to grow a full beard.
One thing about me that seems to happen is that I like to research something in its entirety. I think I have spent a good portion of my time looking into how to properly grow my beard and ways to keep it healthy. I have begun to actually keep it well maintained as it is growing. I have bought coconut oil and let me tell you something, it works wonders. I honestly believe this is the longest I’ve let my facial hair grow. It has currently been about 3 weeks since I started this adventure. Granted, I can’t let it get to a medium sized beard, I will stick to just having about a months growth, but that is because of work. A couple of things I have noticed though while growing my beard fully for the first time and I would like to share them.

1. You feel different
I don’t know exactly what it is about the whole growth process. It could be that you look different which projects a new thought about yourself that you never had before. It could also be the way people look at you differently. I can’t really pin point the reason but I can say that I feel “different” but in a good way. For some reason, since I am taking care of my face more and what I eat, started working out again, etc, I have been feeling great. Now, I would like to thank the countless youtubers I’ve been watching that share their thoughts for better beard growth and improvements for men. One of the those youtube channels is Beardbrand and Beardbrand Alliance, has been very motivating and helpful. It is an amazing improvement to say the least, these past 3 weeks can only keep going to such a point that I will develop a strong habit. I used to give the excuse that I was always too busy but since my current job considers 32 hours as full time, I seem to have sufficient amount of time, an extra 8 hours, even though my commute can equate to the typical schedule I am used to.

2. It requires patience
Your peach fuzz will not grow in a week. Now, sure, I can grow a decent stubble within a week. I can get about a centimeter of a beard within 2 weeks. Some men are just different, they have different make ups and some men can’t even grow a full beard at all. Other men have patches for the first few days or even weeks in and then it starts to come in. Other men need to start using specific products to help with growth, you can research all of that on your own. You also need to learn and research ways to keep your facial hair healthy and your face from drying or having dead skin. It is all such a decently long process but I will say, truthfully, some people can say that it is truly worth it in the end, no matter what their goal is.
It can take you months. It can take you years. It can take you weeks. It can take you days. Through it all, you will learn a lot of patience as you continue in your beard growth journey. Never stop and keep growing, don’t give up. Some people get fed up on how long it can take but even if you can’t wait, trust me, keep going.

3. You Look Different
Let’s state the obvious now, you look entirely different. It isn’t a lie when people say that people look at you differently. I remember people telling you that you may look more like a “man”. When I used to work the first 7-8 years of my working life, I looked like a teenager still in high school. I had to keep clean shaven and it surely had me looking younger. As I started to grow my beard over the following years I began to be seen more my age, if not older. Granted, though I am still in my 20s, I do look like I am in my 30s. I rather look older than look younger.
All of this being said, I can can honestly say that what people have repeatedly stated is true. Beards make men look older. Many can say that it is a sure sign that you are growing up as a man. You start getting peach fuzz as a teen and you assume that one is undergoing puberty.

4. Every Beard is Different
Let’s point something else that is quite obvious now. Look at every man and you can tell right off the bat that no one truly is identical. You can have twins, sure, but even they have some small ways of telling them apart. But let’s take a step back. We are talking about the bearded adventures of course so I’m referring to beards. Every beard is different. Everyone decides to stick to a style and go with it. You have the van dykes, you have the goatees, moustache by themselves, etc. Just like you see different hairstyles, men have different beard styles and that is something else I am marvelled about. Though there will be those that could care less about how they look, I feel like we all reach a level where we become comfortable in who we are. I personally continue to enjoy the way I look as I change my appearance, be it hair, beard, and trying to get back into shape.

Overall, I know that these bearded adventures started out as just a way for me to vent out about growing a beard but I continue to enjoy these journey’s.

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