Digital Detox

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Detox, what exactly comes to mind when the word comes about? You might think of a detox as something you do to be healthy, remove something, physically.

Detox by definition is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

Now, what exactly do I mean about Digital Detox? If you’ve kept up with my blog since the very start, you could see I’ve gone through various changes. Before, I remember I made a post about removing all Social Media. For me, social media has been an ongoing problem with me. Like many others I found myself scrolling hours between the “feeds” but reality hit and then I remembered that I wasn’t really getting “fed”.

I tend to undergo moments in my life when I branch out and move away from the social aspect. When I say that I move away I am saying that I take a step back from what people consider engaging on the web or an app. I am not one to just take pictures of the things I love or even of myself, deleting, contemplating if I should keep. Yet, I am not pointing to just stepping away from social media in what I call digital detox.

To me, digital detox is being able to remove or abstain from what can cause me to be distracted, even unhealthy. In a day and age where we are so engaged, we are truly distracted. Read that again. We wake up and spend our first few minutes on the phone. We look at emails, notifications buzz or light up your screen with icons. We come home from work and sit down to turn on another screen after hours of working at the office, a store, etc. I grew used to being “connected” with what people called the world and yet I felt disconnected from my own.

Now, though what I am talking about comes from my perspective and experiences, others can’t relate. If you can properly engage in the digital realm without losing yourself or your purpose, kudos to you. But, for me and others, we need moments to disengage.

It is good to take a break from time to time. Set time limits or even days where we engage in certain things. Phones nowadays have well documented records of how long you spend on a certain app or even on your phone. Though the smart phone, these new tvs, and everything else we call technology evolves, we also know that we cannot truly ultimately depend on them.

Now, I have decided to abstain from a couple of things. I have removed social media apps from my phone and once again I have deactivated my accounts. I do mostly use Instagram (for art and graphic design), Facebook (communicating with my friends by sharing memes mostly), Facebook Messenger (I keep on my phone as another way to communicate with those I can’t text), Reddit, and I have moved away from Snapchat and Twitter which I no longer use. I have taken a step back from streaming Netflix for hours or Prime Videos, Youtube. I may take time to look at videos when I get home but I find that I put something on when I’m writing as background noise (I write better when there is background noise, I don’t know why).

We grow up thinking it is normal to be more digital than physical because we have been raised to believe it is.

One key thing I’ve found as I have begun this journey is something that I keep seeing everytime I find myself going through this “phase”, it isn’t a “phase”. I have found that people were never really made to be glued to a screen. Now, we can debate and say that people have evolved and this is a norm yet we still feel looking for the next big thing or we feel out of place. We grow up thinking it is normal to be more digital than physical because we have been raised to believe it is.

Even though I may be one of the few that has decided to take this journey, I have done it before and it truly is life changing. After awhile we get used to not looking at our phones, turning on the tv, etc. We begin to see that the world is much more than the pixels on the screen. Moments are made more than they are recorded. Remember, there are benefits that come about with the digital world just as the reason why I feel like we need a detox. For me, the bad outweighs the good at the moment. I find I need more time to stay focused. I find I need to stay centered in what is there at the moment and not what is going on around me with others. I need to work on my craft, writing, art, etc. The list can go on but I didn’t want to just state how I am doing it but why.

Either way, no matter what you do in your life, keep on living and remember to take a step back and detox things in your life that truly end up being unhealthy. Keep going, keep growing, keep learning, keep living.

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