Driving Me Insane

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That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. I have thrown in the towel of my ability to act like I just don’t care. What am I talking about you might ask, simple, people don’t know how to drive.

Let’s just state for the record that I am not the best driver nor do I consider myself to be. One thing I do know for a fact is that people do not know how to drive. I live in Florida and just by stating that fact we can say that a grand majority of people just suck being behind the wheels, it isn’t an opinion but facts. A good portion of south florida mixed with central florida can reveal the statistics of poor judgment behind the wheel, accidents, pedestrain deaths, the list goes on.

But now why did I just give up, saying that I am throwing in the towel of acting like I don’t care, it’s simple really, I feel like it isn’t just in my state.

I’ve recently gotten my CDL B license, yes, I now drive buses for a living, this is my new job. Just with the knowledge of following DOT laws, the company I work for, and traffic laws in general, it baffles me how people drive. From people who speed to others that can’t take their eyes of their phone, driving with their knees. It is truly horrific. I’ve been noticing more as the days continue, usually the dispatchers preach about safety being a key and I understand why, people don’t know how to drive.

Uber drivers, lyfts, other bus companies, trucks, taxis, tourists, etc. It is a combination of everything. Why are people in such a rush? They get into accidents and wonder what the hell went wrong, well if you weren’t texting, watching movies or facetiming, maybe you would have been able to see around you. The texts can wait, I hold strong to that. I used to be guilty about that before but as of a year ago, I understand the importance of keeping your phone away from your hand while driving.

People forget that using a car, van, and etc is considered operating heasy machinery (we can be technical about it and debate later). People forget it is a luxury and a blessing at times to even be able to drive. But of course we have people threatening others and thinking they can be like the movies. They forget how easy it is to endanger others. Til this day I wonder why people decide to cut me off when I am driving a bus that can destroy their vehicle in seconds, just because they don’t want to be behind a bus? Even though I am actually following the speed limit, respecting laws. Why do you speed up and literally cause even more traffic jams, cutting people, trying to merge when you clearly are off road or saw the detour sign a mile back? Someone please tell me because it just shows the idiocy of people behind the wheel.

I am all for the liberty of the road. I was also one who used to street race and all it took were 3 near life threatening accidents to have me stop speeding. The worst 2 events was the first with a car almost ramming into me and instead the car flipped over, nearly hitting me, and the second was my brakes not holding after going about 150 and almost taking a crowd of people in front of me, barely stopping. It just isn’t worth it.

People really need to pay attention when they are behind the wheels, it isn’t a joke. You can’t keep risking peoples lives because you wanted to get somewhere faster. I’ve known people who have died from car accidents, seen the worst of accidents and have been in my own share. Yellow light doesn’t mean, let’s see if I can beat it. I’ve seen people pass me and race to just be at the same red light I’m in. It is incredible the type of shit I see, even out of work.


I say this as a way to hopefully have someone out there listen. It only takes one bad accident to make you realize this, be careful on the road. It could literally be anything that could mean the end for your life but don’t let it be because you weren’t focused. Driving requires you to be aware of your surroundings, stay focused. The laws are there to protect you and others, don’t get pissed off at the cops because you may have been in the wrong. You ultimately can’t tell people how to be but you can suggest it, this is a crazy world we live in. All I can say is be safe out there. Sigh.

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