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Your biggest audience is yourself.

Before anyone starts saying or thinking, what will Gee_ology rant about now, let’s clear the air. I’ve learned a key thing as a writer which is what I wrote as my first sentence. We get so caught up in likes, reblogs, and etc that we forgot why we write.

Now, we can clearly say that we write to be heard or understood (bloggers), authors might write because they want to convey a message through some story, and etc. Many cling to the idea that is the main audience is others. We cling to the idea that if your work doesn’t get as many likes, shares, etc, it “sucks”. This is clearly not the case.

I’ve seen talented poets on social drowning in worry and yet to be recognized. I’ve read some incredible fanfic, stories, seen amazing art, heard amazing music. The main reason they do it is that it is their passion.

I’ve spoken about it before, I write because it is my way of therapy. I write because I love to write. I’m still learning as much as I can. This is what I’m getting at, your main audience is yourself.

There can be lines drawn stating that your work must be accepted as a gift, talent, etc. I say you love doing something, well do it. No one is going to be looking over your shoulder saying don’t. One thing I will say is to hone in and become better. If you truly wish for others to share in your joy, there are mediums for you to post it.

I’m tired of people comparing others or even thinking that one person must do what another is doing. You have social media and promote there, good for you. You don’t have social media and you just have a website, good for you. Don’t lose yourself trying to impress others. It isn’t about the number of people but the quality of your work in the end. You won’t be the next Stephen King and you won’t write the next harry potter. Why? You are creating your own masterpiece.

When I write, I bleed – Lucius A. Wulfe

I write these entries and posts as a way to encourage myself as well. Other times, I write what I’m feeling. I will end with this, when you write, bleed. This is a quote I live by. It means that whatever you are doing, not just writing, you let it be from you, pour out your heart, soul, and thoughts into your work. Keep going, Gee_ology signing out.


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