Please Respond

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We all would like a response.

I’ve noticed things as I have departed from social media again. It isn’t just on the social networks but also in life, we want a response, reaction, some comment or critique.

We have people changing their hair, the way they act, people they associate with, just to get a reaction, a response. I remember growing up how a trend would kick in and you would try to please the crowd, hearing the words, “you’re cool”. Even in today’s day and age, we are a race that wants attention.

Very few get to experience the serenity of solitude. It truly is a peace of mind that one cannot comprehend, living with no regrets or need for attention. Growing up we cry and yell when we want to be fed, given a special request and etc. We are trained since birth to do something and expect a response. You sneeze and you will hear people say, ” bless you”. We have people who call a level of what I’m talking about manners.

What I’m revealing is something deeper. We long for a response or a reaction and it can cause us to drift into anxiety. We will tell someone we love them and expect an I love you too. We send out a text and expect one back. We wear different clothes and expect people to notice. When things don’t play out as you are told or trained, things spiral out of control.

Continuing to grow as I reach the final years of my 20s, I can say this, it doesn’t matter how someone responds. You can’t control how others will react to whatever you do or say. I’ve lived my life in such a way, thinking, hoping, only to find myself in misery. There are no guarantees you will be loved, respected, even the contrary, hated. All you can do is be yourself and live with no regrets.

Everything you do will never be done the same way again, every moment is unique. When you begin to see that this is indeed your life, your choices and that the only true person you should value the response or reaction is yourself, you will be happier. You can appreciate and take in as lessons, compliments, what others say about you but don’t let it control you. Your creativity or your true self is not defined by how many likes you get or emojis, comments. Be yourself. The true beauty of being yourself and living in such a way to not expect a reaction is that you will have to let your guard down and trust others to accept you. There will be those who will value you just as much as you value them.

For all that is worth, don’t follow what you believe is a way that will generate a response but be someone that others will see and have a good reason to respond. Even if they dont respond, dont get discouraged, be it your art, poem, songs, looks, new photos, and etc. Do it for you. Live and love for you, if you happen to find someone else to share it with, even better. It is easy to fall into the trap of anxiety. Keep going, Gee_ology signing out.


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