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I haven’t written anyting in about a week. I am still alive. I am currently writing using my bluetooth keyboard I bought when I first made this blog. I remember the first time I used this. I didn’t have the equipmentI have now and yet, I wrote an article about using what you have available to you. With this being said, I am evolving.

I recently decided to make some changes to my life. I have once again decided to stick to a vegetarian diet, this time, Lacto ovo. It has been a rough start I would say. I can’t fully comprehend how some people can just go cold turkey. Sugar is my enemy, even soft drinks such as diet coke. I’ve been trying to switch to just water which is a challenge of its own.

I’ve reset my chromebook and decided on giving it to my girlfriend. I have actually taken an interest on an ipad pro, ordered it and will write a review about it. I know, I know, if you’ve followed me before, you know I’m not an apple fan, but we’ll see. I am still debating on the keyboard I want, for now, logitech slim folio seems ideal. I will still get a chromebook later, maybe a lenovo c330.

I am on going on my 6th week of growing my beard. It is starting to get thicker, as well as filling in some patches. There was a huge difference in looks compared to what I’m used to, as well as what people are as well.

Add in external life changes, I’m once again an uncle. My family keeps growing which makes me smile, knowing I am seeing time flowing. I still remember that boy who would ponder about life, yet here I am nearing 30.

I wanted to just give an overall update on my life. I’ve been busy but I have also been genuinely better. Even if I am hearing about things like I might have glaucoma, I seemed to continue to push on. I hope everyone is doing well as well,those who read every post or who follow me. I will write more once I get situated with my new schedule and get ready for nanowrimo next week. For now, to all those who not only inspire me, read my work, thank you, keep going, Gee_ology signing out.


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