Month: November 2019

Full Bite

Well, guess I just needed to try it. Hold and behold ladies and gentleman, I’ve committed to this, the Ipad. I will say with complete honesty that it wasn’t because I forked over close to a grand on the actual iPad itself with the accessories. I just have found the experience to be quite profitable

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Dark Side

The dark sides coming. No sign of the sun but the light has one running. Hands up as the screams heard as bodies dropping. Years on knees teaching one to stand. Sands of time play the day. Rays banned as humanity remains lowkey. Stress overflowing, the heart fleeting. Dreaming of blood flowing, pumping green potions.

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Never Ending

I don’t know when the world will end. Years of constant turmoils and the raging echoes of doom looming over the horizon has brought nothing but the search for any signs of hope. We have forgotten to search deep within ourselves and have turned to external sources that gives us some sense of warmth. We

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