Never Ending

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I don’t know when the world will end. Years of constant turmoils and the raging echoes of doom looming over the horizon has brought nothing but the search for any signs of hope. We have forgotten to search deep within ourselves and have turned to external sources that gives us some sense of warmth. We are but weak creatures looking for a reason to belong without truly seeing that in the end we are truly alone. Maybe it is just my head trying to wrap itself around such trivial notions of what is mankind.

I have tried to cope with many undertakings that have stretched out history to fit humanities agenda. It all seems to fall short in comparison to the truth that we all face. Even apart from the certainty that life is short we hope to control time but monitoring it and having it close to the palms of our hands. Can we truly hope to grasp what it is to move within its parameters?

For many years I have longed to comprehend the way we humans have evolved on this Earth. Centuries of hardships and yet we cling to the advancement as the dawn of golden ages or even the prosperity brought by the decline of civilizations, people. It comes to no surprise why, for the most part, there are those that see humanity as being a virus to the very existence of life. We are in the end, self-serving creatures.

I’ve seen people who claim to be righteous or humble pride themselves in their very state and in doing so become a walking contradiction. Reveling in showcasing their ”good intentions” to the world on their social media. I’ve seen the whitest of knights become stained by the blood spilled due to their desire for greed or power. It comes to no surprise to me how great we all think of ourselves to be or even at times how little we think of ourselves. Though there are times where we find someone who is balanced in their thinking that is usually for a moment.

Why am I writing about humanity with such form, am I truly bashing the human race? I grow tired of the meaningless existence that we are plagued with. Even the times when I was considered ”saved” I found that I was only saved from the wrath of someone who needs not my existence and can sniff it out so then what purpose is there? Pain, in turn, was encoded into our DNA to be just a puppet so then we truly are not unique and it does not matter what we do entirely. I believe this was one of the reasons I forfeited from what the fanatics call the ”light”.

The years now continue to cycle through with what appears to be endless days. Every second is a passing of the time only showing that life will continue far beyond our choosing. The control we seek is none existent no matter what hand we place or daylight we save. Man, in the end, will pass away and if it is not our own being than it is our nature, and so we continue to evolve once more.

Memories can only reveal to me that I continue to survive such a deserted life. People are passing experiences awaiting to be visited and my choices indicate the next cycle or chapter that awaits. It isn’t really any different from what I’ve been used to. Life is constantly changing and yet it remains the same. Everything repeated throughout time but with different faces or events. Though we do come to a few glimpses in the system and something remarkable occurs, something different but only for the moment as it once again becomes reused.

Humanity is truly capable of so many things and though I write as if they are the bane of the Earth, I believe as well that we can do so much more if we stop looking outside and look within. If we become a collective and truly work with one another, our own selves, the individual person is only so because he believes it to be so. Many go and form groups, come together, and yet throughout time it is frowned upon by many beliefs or faiths, for man to be as one, to come together, but why? I believe it is because we secretly want separation, the greed, the pride, those in higher positions, fear what we could become if we work together, if we become what truly are, humans.


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