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Well, guess I just needed to try it.

Hold and behold ladies and gentleman, I’ve committed to this, the Ipad. I will say with complete honesty that it wasn’t because I forked over close to a grand on the actual iPad itself with the accessories. I just have found the experience to be quite profitable and I will see how it continues to grow for me.

Let’s be clear with a few things to start off: I haven’t used or touched an apple product since 2009. I had a hate for the products due to their marketing, the people using them, the actual interface and OS, plus a couple of other things. Step into the future or should I say, today, and I have grown to respect the build of the device. Now, I am one to cling to a desktop as my main operating unit, I strongly need a good portable device. I used the Chromebook for about a year and I loved the experience, Chrome OS is an amazing environment for students and even for artists if you know what you’re doing. I have dabbled and looked into various tablets from different price ranges, even laptops and I knew I needed a powerhouse. I will say this, the Ipad delivers what a tablet should be as a mobile studio.

Drawing made on Infinite Painter using Ipad Pro 11’

I know people will jump on me saying that it isn’t a laptop replacement and I will never say that it is, it is a tablet, and much more. I love the ability to pull out my Ipad 11’ pro and just draw, type, edit, and the list goes on. You, of course, can find cheaper alternatives and I highly suggest that if you cannot afford an Ipad pro, but do what you can afford, you should never spend money you don’t have. But I can say that it has been worth it. I debate a lot about buying things for myself as I try to always have a fallback or cushion in regards to money and I have slowly veered into a minimalist mindset. I want to have only what I need in life not what I want. I’m an artist and writer and though the Chromebook handled everything I needed to do, I also have OCD and some of the laggy or slow responses at times just drove me nuts. I did give the Chromebook to my girlfriend, I will happily use one in the future but if I do, it will probably be investing in a pixel book.

You can hear many reviews online and debate with others about not being an apple slave but hear me out, stop being prideful and just try it out first. Sure, I haven’t had months to fully give a review, just about a week or two but it’s been a good experience. I do miss chrome OS and IOS is still some getting used to, for now, time will tell though. I use Ubuntu or Linux as my main OS, windows for heavy use editing or art, and now iOS as my portable. Either way, I hope I could further my abilities based on whatever medium seems to enhance them. If you have any recommendations like apps, cases, why I should invest in something in, drop a comment. For those who read my work, thank you, if you like what read and want to follow the rants of a writer and artist, don’t be afraid to follow and bookmark the site. Thanks to all and hope you have a good day.


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