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Took a bite and now time to change tunes.

I wrote about how I took the bite of the Apple-all puns intended-and to be serious, I enjoyed the taste. I used to be on the other side of the fence with Apple products but I can honestly say that my experience with the Ipad Pro 11″ from 2018 was good. As an artist, it was different than what I am used to. Ever since I took a certification in Graphic Design I have felt that I strongly leaned to Digital art than what I was used to before, traditional.

It is true that there is no comparison between traditional and digital. Even though they may produce some similar results in regards to the outcome, I feel like they have true differences. Pen, pencil, brushes, the canvas, it is something that pushes an artist into a trance. Then again, I’ve learned that I can have the same effects on the screen. I would casually plug my head phones, put them on my head and become captivated in my art project.

With all of this being said, why am I talking about Apple again? Truth of the matter is that I decided to gift my Ipad away to my girlfriend. I was given the chance to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 6. Even though I could hear the hoards of artists or the reviews stating that Ipad is ideal for digital artists, I just had to hear the word Samsung really. I have been a strong supporter of Samsung since I can remember, I honestly don’t know why. I have yet to have had a bad experience with them and I am a sucker for android based products due to the customization. I don’t like being limited to space and etc and I could feel like after awhile I would get ticked off just like I do with Windows as an OS. I tend to lean to Linux and even dual boot my Desktop with it.

I will lay down my experience so far. It has all been good with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6. For those debating which to get, I will honestly say it depends on the person. The apple pencil was an amazing accessory and felt just right in my hands. It took about a week to get used to the IOS but I still managed, when I switched back to android and even DeX, I felt as if I was home. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy Phone and the switch was quite easy. Drawing and even writing on the Galaxy Tab feels extremely comfortable. The lag that people complain about has to do with the programs they use, which for me, isn’t an issue due to the ones I use.

All I have to say in the end is that, choose what works for you. For myself, I feel like Apple got the opportunity to allow me to shut up. I never used their phones and even though the pricing can be ridiculous, it was a nice experience. I can understand the appeal that some people have when it comes to Apple. Try out the products and see what works for you, keep going. Something I always tell my girlfriend is to always keep going. I can see how far she can go and I always try to support her, encourage. I will support others as well, in the end, it isn’t what you have that determines the artist you will be but the drive. Keep going.

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