Dreams Never Die

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I remember as a kid my gramps and parents telling me that when I grow up I wouldn’t be into what I liked back then. Jump 2 decades later and I still am one of the biggest nerds. Star wars are amazing, anime/manga-influenced me, gaming helped me cope and get through things. Even movies I loved as a kid, Roger rabbit, shows like looney tunes, power rangers. The reality is that we grow up and mature based on experiences but our passion for things is only changed if you let it. Being a kid at heart is just a saying, I believe. There is no true age group that defines what you will fall in love with, music such as jazz, opera, classical, art. Humanity has countless choices and the ability to keep creating history. Our stories are well defined not only by the experiences we share, lived but also by what we create, I believe this why I know I am a writer. My calling is to bring my own stories and share them with the world.

I’ve seen countless of people who surround themselves with what they love, some going to conventions, others collections fill thei bookcases, and etc. We are all fans of something. We can try to put a title on certain aspects of our lives but we never truly stop and notice that we place certain things as diffeent levels of impotance or of interest. I have also found myself to be at those levels. As I stated before, I am quite the fan, you can say that I am a nerd to certain things but I really don’t mind. I can tell you I’ve read hundreds of books about Star Wars (Timothy Zahn books like thrawn trilogy are amazing). I have lost count how many episodes I’ve seen about anime, my favorite shows, comics I’ve read and etc. The list really does go on and I can say that it will continue to grow.

What I am getting at writing this entry is this, don’t let something you love die because of others. I’ve seen people give up on their passions or what they enjoy because people say it doesn’t fit your age group, gender, etc. Too many people become fixated on the stereotypes made by society that we foget what truly makes history, the changes that certain individuals seem to expland on. Women, children, men, all from various places, age, and etc, each with their own differences making a change and allowing the world to come together to see it or experience what they have created or helped to understand. I truly believe that humanity is capable of so much good, even though we have shown to cause so much pain, evil, in this world. I also believe that as a writer, words can truly change lives.

I implore to everyone who reads this or is an artist, engineer, a human, keep going. Don’t let deams die but allow them to become goals that you feel have to be reached. I will continue to write as long as I have breath in my body. I will continue to create my own art as I see the world, regardless of what is said about my work, til I continue to improve and etc. To those who need that last second wind or motivation, hee it is, keep going.

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