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I’ve officially done it. I have challenged myself to fully embark on the journey of using my Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 as my main go to in mobile computing.

If you haven’t heard, Samsung has realised what they call Samsung DeX. It helps create an experience never quite felt before if you have a Samsung device that can run it. Imagine feeling like you have a desktop just with what device you have in the palm of your hands.

Now, I know, you can invest on a chomebook, Ipad Pro, even an actual laptop as to my desired choice. If you haven’t read my original posts, I have used all the previous devices mentioned and yet through it all, I seem to always fall back to Samsung tablets. I remember the days when I saw tablets as being the prime use for people in the future. With Tablet sales dropping, that may not be the case but as technology changes to fit the common need of mobility with creativity, business needs, and productivity, we see a growing trend. This trend seems to erupt to something we are seeing now, the 2-n-1 tablets, chromebooks, even laptops.

I have a bluetooth and use an adapter to enhance my experience of the samsung galaxy tab, even though there is actually the keyboard. If I decide to get it one day, I will, for now, continue with the accessories I have.

I strongly believe that we have to be comfortable with the way we produce our work. I feel like I am a sort of fan boy when it comes to Samsung since I flock to it, even though it carries its many issues. I still find myself wanted to produce good content. I do believe that we actually do need to make some sacrifices or put in the time to be able to produce ‘good’ work.

What really is good work?

I find that it is easy to consider your own work as being “good”. But the reality is that you need to take a step back at times and see if what your produce is worth reading, seeing, or tuly engaging. Art can be seen and validated by the artist but in the end, it is about how it is received. I wrote about creating art o you work pimarily for yourself and because you enjoy it. This is in part, something I really agree with, but we also need to take the time to see if it will also bring you what you ultimately want, for it to be accepted and in the end life changing.

I will say that though this very entry is not really as informative, I will say it is more so to open your mind to truly look at what one produces and never be afraid to admit you need to look at your work or let others look at it.

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