Strings Of Love

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Loving you isn’t a chore.

There are no hidden, petty words that remain barren without meaning.

No secret intentions are yet to be discovered.

I wish for you to know.

Let justice strike as I speak the honest truth.

Lend me your hand as my heart beats upon your warm touch.

I have not known another as I have grown to know you.

To want or need another as if it was like air.

Where has the time gone when I could say that it feels like I’ve known you forever.

A puzzle piece that came to place itself beside me as I cherish your being.

Such art performed and overflowing, met with lines that form the smile I adore.

Your laugh is contagious, your gaze, invoking.

Bringing new life upon a careful man, I noticed you notice me as I noticed you.

Now I seem to hold til history remains so, a poet in love.

Such tales are woven throughout time by strings of love.

Yet hear my voice through the letters arranged.

Gaze upon the moon…

gaze upon the moon…

and know that I love you more than the oceans that rise when full.

Know that my love holds true, for you.

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